5 Tips for Better Sleep With a Baby in the House

The joy of parenthood cannot be described, and it’s something all moms and dads experience. Although a parent may be excited to welcome the new arrival, they may not be as enthused about the following lack of sleep. New parents are often sleep-deprived, but there are some sleep tips they can use to lessen the severity and keep their sanity.

Take Turns Getting up With Baby

When the baby cries, both parents typically wake up even if one attends to the child. However, in the first few weeks, both parents may get up. This only causes twice the sleep deprivation, and it provides no additional benefit to the child. The best thing is for the parents to decide a schedule for getting up to comfort the baby.

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

If the baby sleeps, the parents should try to get some rest as well. Whether baby takes a morning, afternoon or evening nap, parents should try to rest if possible because they never know when baby may wake up again.

Accept Help When It’s Offered

When there’s a new baby in the house, people often step up to help. When a parent really needs some sleep, they should accept help if it’s offered. Having a friend or family member care for baby for a few hours can allow a sleep-deprived parent to get some much-needed rest.

Give Baby a Place to Sleep

In the first few weeks, parents may choose to allow the baby to sleep in their room. After checking with the child’s pediatrician to ensure safety, baby should sleep in a nursery and not with his or her parents. It may be tempting to allow co-sleeping, but it can be dangerous for everyone. When the baby wakes up, one parent can easily handle his or her needs without waking the other parent.

Do a Pre-Bedtime Feeding

If the baby has been sleeping for several hours and it’s almost bedtime, they should be awakened for a nighttime feeding. Most babies wake up at night due to hunger; if the child is fed before the parents’ bedtime, they may sleep steadily until early morning. It may not be much, but it will at least allow for some continuous sleep.

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