Rowing Machines are Great for Gym or Home Use

Few people are interested in spending hours every day at the gym. That’s why ellipticals have become so popular. They offer a full body workout in a fraction of the time it would take to exercise all those muscle groups on different weight machines. Unfortunately, they are so popular, people often have to wait for one to become available at the busiest fitness centers. When all the ellipticals are being used, there is another machine every gym has that is probably sitting empty — the rowing machine.

This machine simulates the action of rowing a boat. The pushing and simultaneous pulling actions require all the major muscle groups. Despite the fact this equipment provides a superior workout, it is also low impact. The foot pedals are padded and there are grips for the hands. It’s really important to use this machine properly and a trainer from the gym should be happy to demonstrate and make sure a member is using the correct form so they will get the maximum benefits from the rowing machine.

For those who prefer to work out at home and skip the gym altogether, there are rowing machines that are made for home use. As this article suggests, this type of equipment makes a great complement to any home gym and will be very effective alongside an elliptical or treadmill, dumbbells and a yoga mat. People purchase gym memberships for a variety of reasons. Some want to take advantage of all the equipment without having to purchase it themselves. Others enjoy the support of the staff and other members and are motivated by watching other people reach their goals through exercise.

Despite the obvious benefits to working out at the gym, there are also some pretty significant benefits to working out at home. Having exercise equipment at home allows a person to exercise whenever they feel like it. Since the equipment is in the house, there’s no need to travel or even get dressed. People who have a home gym often continue to use the fitness center for classes or swimming but get the majority of their exercise in the comfort of their own home.

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