Taking a Break From the Screen: Getting Kids to Play Games

In today’s world, it seems that kids are constantly plugged into something. Sometimes it’s the TV. Other times, it is a smart phone. Is it possible to get kids to take a break from the screen? One of the best options for avoiding screen time is offering up kid games that everyone will enjoy. There are lots of different types of games, each with their own benefits.

Board Games

Board games come with an initial cost, but they can provide hours and hours of entertainment. They allow kids to practice their attention span and to wait their turn. While these things may not seem like that big of an accomplishment, today’s youth tends to expect instant gratification, something that technology often provides. Board games also create opportunities for social interactions. There is no need to text another player in order to talk about the game.

Puzzle and Logic Games

Parents would love for their kids to learn more. Kids tend to believe they are allergic to learning and homework. But puzzles and logic games often create moments of learning that are disguised. Kids may love making their way through mazes on the page or working through a logic puzzle with a friend. The work can be challenging and often requires that kids think outside the box in order to be successful. Like board games, there is an initial cost if a puzzle book is purchased. However, there are tons of free resources online.

Outdoor Games

Lack of exercise is another problem that today’s kids face. It’s easy to spend time indoors hooked up to technology. Encourage the kids to spend some time outside. There are countless games to play. While some have complicated rules and explanations, something like tag is simple and easy to organize. Just sending kids outside with others often results in everyone creating a game to play. Kids get exercise, they work with others, and they practice problem solving.

Board games, puzzles, and outdoor games have no downside. Each can be easily set up and a broad spectrum of kids will enjoy the time spent away from technology. While it might be a struggle at first, the more kids take a break from their screens and try something new, the easier it will be in the future.

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